Connecting the world

Trade & logistics have since prehistoric time been the diplomatic connection between people & civilizations. Around the Mediterranean alone, countless cultures have interacted & communicated. In Cyprus, we particularly understand this notion of trade all too well, as for centuries various visitors have requested our service.

Packing & Moving with PPS Cyprus

Our business is a service. To take your goods from one place to the next. Moving is always hard. PPS makes it easier. We care about your cargo & understand how to do it right. To look after your valuables & to make the move a smooth transition.

  • Over 50 years of experience in Cyprus
  • Membership in international organisations
  • Door-to-door service from Cyprus
  • FCL and LCL freight forwarding
  • Large clean & secure warehouse
  • Cartage and local transport removals
  • Carpentry service to crating
PPS Worldwide Moving Company

On his return from WWII, Pavlos Polydorou established a new standard of packing & moving in Cyprus.

Pavlos Packing Service, now known simply as PPS Worldwide Moving is a trusted & respected brand in Cyprus. A family-run company that always cares about your move. PPS core values include:

  • Always employ special people to work for PPS
  • A level of duty & care for all moves & for all cargo
  • Respect a clean working environment & ethic
  • Give back to the community that gives to you
  • Work is done when the customer says thank you

A happy worker is a good worker. PPS is a close knit group, always working together for the customer.

From managements to the floor, everyone at PPS Worldwide Moving is considered an integral team member.


Sotiris Neocleous
Managing Director. Part of the company since the mid-70s, Soitiris brings forth an unrivalled level of care to the packing & moving industry in Nicosia and Cyprus. From sweeping to operations, Sotiris knows the business inside out. In 2006, Sotiris took over the helm, implementing fresh approach to packing & moving. Although now management, you can always find him in the warehouse or on a forklift. Always excited, going above & beyond. Call PPS Worldwide Moving & speak to Sotiris for professional, dedicated & personalised service.