PPS Worldwide Moving covers all of Cyprus – from major cities to the smallest village.

Although our warehouse is based in Nicosia, which is actually in the centre of the island, we have an extensive transportation network, able to pick-up and deliver cargo all over the country. Our drivers & staff are also very familiar with all parts of Cyprus.

Indeed. Working with other agents around the world has been one of PPS' primary business.

We are expert packers and movers, so many forwarders, both here in Cyprus & global contact us to do part of their work. They know they can rely on PPS to do the job right & on time, so they can then focus on something else. Furthermore, we rely on our global network & partners to receive our good & take care of our customers. We welcome any partnerships & affiliation enquires, but of course rely on those that have the same company ethics & philosophy as PPS.

Of course. PPS can offer a complete supply-chain logistics solution.

We can accommodate your cargo in our warehouse for as long as you need. Whenever you need us to deliver something, just let us know – either by phone or electronically. Our staff will make sure the delivery is on-time & always to PPS standards. All you have to do is speak to a member of our team for a customised solution that suits your company.

PPS will inspect your goods & advise you accordingly.

Once we receive a request for a proposal, a PPS staff member will speak to you & arrange a time to evaluate your goods. At this point we will advise you which method, air, sea or road would be ideal, taking into consideration number of pieces, weight, cubic metre size & destination. Generally speaking, heavy & bulky goods are better by sea, whilst air is better suited for light items & fast deliveries.

This always depends on your origin & destination.

If the shipment is Cyprus to Cyprus, then you can bet in will be delivered when you need it to be. Speak to one of our representatives and let us know when you need the move done by. For any overseas shipments, then this of course greatly depends on where its going or coming from. Generally, shipments within Europe or the Middle East take less than a month. Asia & the Americas up to a month and a half, and Australasia up to two months.

PPS Worldwide Moving specialises in antiques & fragile cargo.

Delicate cargo has always been our strongest selling point. Our staff always utilise careful & indeed proven methods for packing & moving such items. Quality, professionalism & extensive experience – this is what differentiates PPS Worldwide Moving from the rest. We might not be the cheapest available, but when your goods are valuable, you should trust someone that cares. Also, read what some of our clients say in testimonials. It verifies our claim to being Cyprus' number one packer & mover. Some of them include ministries & embassies, as well as moving highly sensitive cargo for the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources & the Department of Antiquities.

Never a problem. PPS Worldwide Moving has all necessary machinery & equipment to get any job done.

We have been in the packing & moving business for over 50 years. We know how to handle any situation. Nothing is too high or difficult. Of course we also understand the Cyprus market very well, so it's easy for us to adjust. Just let us know what you need, and we'll take care of the rest – start to finish.

PPS Worldwide Moving will inform you of all necessary procedures.

Our experienced staff will always inform you what of what paper work is required to complete the move. With over 50 years in the Cyprus market, we know all rules, regulations & red tape and indeed know how best to complete the task efficiently & effectively.

PPS might not be the cheapest, but certainly are the best.

Each move or logistic need is unique. Price varies and greatly depends on number of pieces, weight& size and of course where it’s going and how it will get there, i.e. road, air or sea. Speak to us today for a free quote.